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{January 7, 2014}   Ese’s Weekly Shoot&Quote Challenge: Music

Cat in bookcase

My favorite things…

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.”
― Maya Angelou

What a great topic. Music played a huge part in my life when I was between 20 and 40 (pun intended). The picture above summarizes my life at that time: books, backstage passes (in the frame), and my beloved cat, Simone. (Excuse the quality…I had to take it out of the frame and scan it.)

I have written a lot about my club-hopping days and only begun to write about the 15 years I worked at concert venues. While I was working concerts I was also working full-time. During 5 years of that time, I was also going to college at night getting my MA. The concerts were my social life, and the music helped me keep my sanity. Although when I finally stopped working concerts to concentrate on “real life,” it took years for music to stop playing constantly in my head, even when I was asleep. The feeling of having a constant soundtrack inspired me to write this poem:

When all was dark

a catchy chorus sometimes woke me

urgently with pounding heart,

“go away” I almost said aloud,

“allow me peaceful sleep”

tomorrow I must work.

Now days of silent boredom my reward

for pushing the music away, pressing down,

imprisoning someone else’s song inside myself,

or so I thought.

One day it will come no more;

then my voice will hoarsely whisper,

“how desperate are the droning days,

how pathetically peaceful the empty nights:

how deaf is my life.”

How empty the days are without music indeed…. That just made me think about how dependant i am myself on a notes and voices and tunes…..


sued51 says:

It’s so true Chatty! I truly missed working the concerts for a long time afterward, but especially when the “soundtrack” in my head stopped. I’m listening to music as I type this…


As long as the music is still your companion, that’s what matters!


Pat says:

Nice post, Sue. Isn’t it funny how we change throughout life and need to periodically look back at what was once important and to assess what is currently in our lives. It sounds like you need to bring more music into your life – me too. 🙂 Thanks for the gentle nudge.


sued51 says:

Thanks for commenting Pat. Yes, I do need to fit music back in my life, even if it is just writing about it! 🙂


Thank you for sharing your experience – working at concert venues must have been quite beautiful adventure! Love the photo and the quote – separately and together! 🙂
Thank you for being a part of the challenge.


Love it all, the writing, the quote and photo 🙂


sued51 says:

Thanks. 🙂


Wow – can you say “Free Time”?!?! Hopefully if they were rock concerts you aren’t suffering from hearing loss as many of the performers do! Adorable shot BTW


sued51 says:

Tina, I’m actually proud of having accomplished all of that (the MA all paid for with the money I made working concerts…I got out and didn’t owe a thing!), but I think it wore me out for the next 15 years. Lol!
Actually, I do have a bit of hearing loss. It wasn’t until I had done it for a while that we learned we should have been wearing earplugs! Funny story…during a New Kids on the Block show at a stadium I had a whole bag of earplugs clipped to my waist to give out to parents…it wasn’t the music that was loud, it was the screaming teens!! 🙂


LOL! Bet you saw some great stuff!


Mike says:

A veritable elegy to the vibe, and perhaps to the times as well. An elegant work with a fantastic denouement. Well done.


sued51 says:

Thanks, Mike! 🙂


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