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{October 28, 2011}   The Fall of a Boston Baseball Fan

As I was going through old poems for a chapbook project I am working on, I found this one.  It wasn’t dated, but it was a long time ago: back in the days when Bobby Orr advertised BankBoston (in the drought between Stanley Cups) and before the Patriots new stadium was built (and when the grass was real), in a year when football players were on strike.  Reading it over, though, I thought the sentiment was still relevant.  The end of the Red Sox season was so ugly and all the controversy does not make for an enjoyable hot stove season.

The Fall of a Boston Baseball Fan

One morning

I’m suddenly cold

Without a coat,

And there are

No more

Baseball games.

The season was lost

Long ago,

But I feel it now.

Peak color snuck away,

Dragging with it

Summer’s green grass,

Leaving a brown-tipped

Breed to the football teams

Whose heavy feet

Pound picket lines this year.

The green worn

By our basketball team, in

Dry-heated indoors

Only makes me dream

Of spring air,

And opening day,

Too far away.

Hockey games

Have begun,

But I still miss

Bobby Orr.

His bank commercials

And grey suits

Make me shiver,

Or maybe it’s just

The coming

Of winter.

{April 11, 2011}   More Ways of Measuring Age

Last year I wrote a blog about the different ways we all measure our age.  I thought about the issue again over the weekend while watching The Masters.

I’m not presently a golfer.  I’ve taken a few lessons and it has been on my “someday” list for a while, but I’ve watched The Masters for years.  It’s another sign of spring for me, like Opening Day for the Red Sox (but I don’t want to talk about THAT right now).  I realized I’ve been watching this competition for a while when I saw Fred Couples with white hair (wait…he’s younger than me?) and that some of the other golfers I’ve thought of as top golfers – Ernie Els and Vijay Singh  – didn’t make the cut to play Saturday and Sunday.  I was still routing for Tiger, despite his personal troubles, but I recognized that seeing Tiger near the top was no longer a given; he had to play a great final round to be there.  The announcers said that the young golfers at the top of the leader board had watched Tiger win at 21 (wait…was it that long ago?), and this year’s winner, Charl Schwartzel, was shown around the course by…Ernie Els, thus passing on the mantle to a younger South African.  The next generation of golfers has officially taken over.  Another way to measure my own age is to watch new generations of athletes.  Of course, the age threshold for athletes is much different than for the rest of us, but it makes me aware of time going by.

I waited on a customer in the garden department the other day (and loaded his bags of soil and mulch into his trunk) as he told me “I’m old…I’m 64.”  I told him he didn’t look old, but he clearly thought he was.  He continued, “I live in an over-55 community now and I have short-term memory problems.” I laughed.  “I hear you on that!” I said, trying to make him feel better.  I had to think after he left – he’s not old… old is 80s – isn’t it?

There are plenty of people who look at me and won’t let me load their mulch.  I know they’re thinking I’m too old to do it, but I can’t think that, or I will be.  My husband and I used to be work horses when it came to yard work: we would rake, edge, mulch, trim bushes – you name it and we would do it, after we had gone for a run!  Yesterday, after walking a couple of miles, we did yard work for a few hours.  I was tired, but I wouldn’t quit.  My husband went inside to fix dinner; I stepped in a hole and fell.  Luckily I did not sprain my ankle, but it scared me enough to send me inside. I told him, “I’m not allowed to do yard work alone anymore.”  There’s a fine line between not acting your age, and being stubborn and silly.  I guess it’s time I recognize that.

{April 11, 2010}   My Cat Likes Golf?!

Unbeknownst to most observers yesterday, Phil Mickelson had some help.  During his run of eagles at the end of yesterday’s round, our cat Zoee was sitting in front of the TV “helping” the ball into the hole with her paw.  It was a hoot.

We would have liked to have filmed it for America’s Funniest Videos or YouTube, but every time I tried to get up from the couch to get the camera, she would turn around and look at me and my husband would say, “Don’t make her stop; let’s just enjoy it.”  And we did.

Maybe it is a calico thing—our last calico, Simone, used to like hockey games.  She would lie on top of the TV and let her paw hang down to chase the puck.  Zoee can’t do that with a flat screen, so she sits in front of it.

Funniest of all was the fact that as soon as Phil finished his round, she lost interest.  Tiger was being interviewed and she jumped down and turned to face us with a “fait accompli” look.  My husband said, “She must be a lefty.”

{February 20, 2010}   Ice Dancing

Last night as I watched the compulsory Olympic ice dancing, I remembered writing a poem back in the 90s.  I dug it out and decided to put it on the blog today.

Staying up Late for Ice Dancing

The last-seen skaters

still in my head–

sweeping in circles

within the oval walls,

pairs of feet


stepping stepping

side to side;

I follow

as if I were a camera

faster faster

faces heavily

made up

tragic dramatic

close in, back away

costumes blend    flow,

arms, legs intertwine

stretching, bending

reaching, touching

dragging me

around around

lying flat straight

into a death spiral.

I drop softly


then still

to the ice,

a fallen leaf.

I sleep.

{January 24, 2010}   Patriot Place

What a place.  We went to the cinema to see a movie.  The theater is beautiful; it has a digital piano playing music in the lobby. Classical music is playing in the bathroom. It has a bar/restaurant so you can get a drink or have something to eat before or after the movie.  There are several food vendors including a Starbucks and Ben & Jerry’s with multiple seating areas for sitting and eating your concession stand food. 

After the movie we walked around the outdoor mall, which includes some stores and restaurants that run the gamut from Dunkin Donuts and Red Robin to more upscale places like Davio’s.  The CBS Scene restaurant and bar looked like fun place to visit with a huge outdoor screen that was showing the hockey game when we were there.  There are many storefronts yet to be rented.

We walked down to the Renaissance hotel, which has a really nice bar and restaurant whose style is very modern with a wall of windows. Past the other side of the hotel are some bigger stores including the huge Bass Pro Shop, worth a visit in itself.  A walking trail is being created around the Bass Pro Shop.

We started planning many outings that would include lunch and a movie; a trip to the Hall of Fame and dinner; or a movie and dinner.  I can’t wait to see how it evolves over time.  I think Robert Kraft is brilliant and is well on the way to creating the football stadium “destination” place he envisioned.

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