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{April 1, 2012}   A History of 80’s Boston Club Bands: A to Z

From the ages of 18 to 25, I spent several nights a week in live music clubs in the Boston area. Don’t get the wrong idea, I wasn’t in a band or dating a band member; I was just a fan. Going to the clubs transformed a shy, small-town bookworm into a broad-minded and outgoing music lover, and I have my friends, Eric and Jane, to thank for that. The three of us would go out together, and Eric (who at that time was shy too) would convince me to go talk to the band members (he would come over and join in the conversation after it was underway). The first few times I was nervous, but then I really started to enjoy myself. And the music!! Wow! The scene was hopping at that time; disco was dead, and rock and roll was booming!

I have some great memories from those years. I’m not close friends with the musicians I will write about here, but their music and my interactions with them played a huge part in who I am today. My experiences with them and their music are a backdrop for my life. Telling my stories is a tribute to them.

And it didn’t stop there for me. From ages of 25 to 40 I worked a second job at several different larger concert venues. I met my husband working concerts. It was many years after I quit that job before the music stopped constantly playing in my head even as I slept; I had an endless earworm!

So I decided to do this. For some letters of the alphabet I may have more than one story to tell; for other letters I may need to go to a more national level, but they will always be my stories. (For a great reference on the singles produced by these bands, click here.)

Coming up, the first post on this topic will be about The Atlantics. Stay tuned.

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