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{December 25, 2012}   Home-made Gifts are Best

So…you know what they say…home-made gifts are most appreciated. Here’s the store-bought gift.

cat toy


And here’s the home-made gift: some pieces of leftover foil paper taped to a wine cork.

Home-made cat toy


Guess which gift is more popular?

cat with toy


Merry Christmas!!

sued51 says:

Reblogged this on Last Train to QVille and commented:

Merry Christmas!


Ha ha ha! You should make and sell those. That looks like a GREAT toy. Better than store bought for sure. 🙂


sued51 says:

It passed the “kitty” consumer test! 🙂


What a great idea! That looks like a toy my cats would go crazy over!


sued51 says:

Zoee loves those sparkly foil-type toys so I knew she would like it. Easy to do!


[…] At Christmas time I wrote a blog about homemade toys.  Here’s a picture of the toy right after I made it. […]


[…] I recently spent some money on the cats to help them adjust to their new surroundings: a new cat tower, new scratching refill, and new toys. I was gratified that they have been using them. But…the favorite toy of the moment is once again a homemade toy. (See my blog about the first homemade toy here.) […]


[…] have written before about making toys for my cats. They always seem to like them better than the ones I buy. My latest creation was a modified version of a toy I read about in the January/February Humane […]


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