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{December 25, 2012}   Home-made Gifts are Best

So…you know what they say…home-made gifts are most appreciated. Here’s the store-bought gift.

cat toy


And here’s the home-made gift: some pieces of leftover foil paper taped to a wine cork.

Home-made cat toy


Guess which gift is more popular?

cat with toy


Merry Christmas!!

{January 28, 2010}   A Creative Exercise

Last year I read and enjoyed an autobiography by Charles Handy, a brilliant management expert.  In the book he talked about his wife, photographer Elizabeth Handy ( and one of her specialties—still life portraits with a twist.  Elizabeth has her subjects choose five objects and a flower to represent their life and interests.

I thought this was a wonderful creative exercise.  My husband and I have had quite the discussions about it.  And depending on when in your life you decide to do this, you may choose different things.  There are three stages to the exercise: deciding what objects can represent your life (and if you can be clever enough to choose an object that operates on several levels with several meanings, you are really good at the game); the second stage would be actually finding and choosing the objects; and then placing the objects and creating a pleasing photo.  My husband and I spent enjoyable hours on stage one and have not reached stage two yet, but I am looking forward to it.

If you want to get to know your spouse better (or see how well you actually know them), try this exercise.  You’ll have fun even if you never get to stage two or three.  And check out Elizabeth’s photos at the web site above.  Have fun with still life!

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