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{February 15, 2016}   A Story of a Life through Jewelry

I inherited my grandmother’s jewelry, and there was quite a bit. My grandmother was not a rich woman, so it was mostly costume jewelry. But I love vintage jewelry so I have been wearing some of the pieces I particularly like. I have also been trying to sort through things that need repair, and the things I should just toss.

She had a lot of pins, which I have put in a beading box. One of those pins was a sword with a fake-looking “jewel” on it. To be honest, I didn’t think it was very attractive and it was clearly not expensive, so I was considering getting rid of it. Then I noticed that on the back it said, “Broadcast, NY.” I decided to do a search on Google, and it came right up! People are selling them on Etsy.

vintage brooch

WWII Victory Sword

It is called a World War II Victory Sword, and it was made in the 1940s, produced to celebrate the end of World War II. Suddenly it no longer looked so ugly to me…it had meaning. Especially because my father, her only child, was stationed overseas in WWII. I decided to keep it.

My grandmother also had many tiny lapel pins from the different community groups to which she belonged. Amongst them, and still in the box, I found a tiny Telephone Pioneers pin. My grandmother worked as an operator for many years. I left me her small pension, so this is meaningful as well.

Vintage pins

Telephone Pioneers pin

It made me think: what would someone learn from my jewelry? Hmmm…that I liked cats? Now I know why people collect Alex and Ani bracelets and Pandora charm bracelets!

Cat Jewelry

Cat Jewelry

Dina says:

I’m glad you kept the jewelry! Such precious pieces after all when you learn the history behind it. I suppose we all have such “less attractive” items that we keep because we feel strongly attached to a person or the history and meaning conveyed.

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Eireann says:

I think the pin looks really nice, and I love that it has such a personal touch of history, makes it that bit more special

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Jo Bryant says:

love those pins…what a lovely way to still have a pieces [or pieces] of your grandmother with you

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You’ve brought me back to the times I used to play in my mom’s jewelry box (as a child). She had a lot of costume jewelry from her mom-in-law (my grandmother). Up through my teens I liked to go through the jewelry, but never wanted to wear it. Now, I find it cute and amusing how my little 6-year-old grandson loves to love though my jewelry box. Ah, the circle of life…

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sued51 says:

Ha…it is fascinating what is in style at different times…someday a Cape Cod bracelet will be outdated…

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Nooooooo!!! 🙂

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A fascinating post. Jewellery is such a personal item, it cannot fail to have a story attached to it. They are treasures to keep safe.


I have a few bits and pieces from my mother, and from gran too. Nice to have 🙂

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How very special Sue – you’re very lucky. I was the only daughter to my mom, and she was the only daughter to her mother, my grandmother. My grandmother had a “spinster” sister who was my great aunt and godmother. I had ALL of their jewelry. Like you it was mostly costume jewelry but there were some beautiful pieces and several that were worth a bit of money. They ALL had special emotional significance to me. Anyway, one Christmas my husband and I traveled back to NJ to spend the holidays with family and our SC home was broken into and all of the jewelry was stolen. It still kills me when I think of the memories that were lost. Sigh Happily I still have my memories which no one can steal.


sued51 says:

That’s just terrible Tina. 😦


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