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{August 1, 2013}   Awards are like Tequila

I saw this today and thought it was clever. To those wonderful readers who gave me awards I never posted, and never got to pass on to others…I’m sorry…but for my own mental health…I need to get on the wagon!

Cave of Fame


I love awards and I love tequila but I have to be careful with both, it is easy to get out of control. They both go better with a few grains of salt.

I made this award as a joke for my blog but then again, that is how all these awards start. Someone makes one and adds some criteria…”tell me about you and pass this sucker on to 10-15 deserving bloggers who will do the same.” And they will do the same and on and on. And after a while it will seem like a chain letter but not like a chain letter because those that are drinking are talking and meeting new people who are opening up and breaking out of their little blogger shells- so it’s like a shot of tequila! People are happy!

I am absolutely honored by all the nominations I have received. It is…

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Hmm. For me there was a moment when delight turned to dread. :0


sued51 says:

Yes, I can relate to that too…I was just too busy to get to it, and then the guilt took over…:-(


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