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{November 13, 2012}   Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Sometimes we find messages in what we read, and our interpretations of the messages coax us to action, help us find courage, or sometimes make us reckless. Even if we scoff aloud at superstitions, being human means that there’s a tiny part of you that wonders…

This morning I was reading a poetry anthology. Though I’m taking these lines from Lee Robinson‘s “Rules of Evidence” out of context, they spoke to me as I tried to decide what to blog about today:
What you want to say most

is inadmissible.

Say it anyway.

Say it again.

What they tell you is irrelevant

can’t be denied and will

eventually be heard.

I have a poem I wrote recently that I wanted to post here, but I felt unsure. I put it on my Facebook page, but I was nervous about putting it here because my blog is connected to my LinkedIn page. What would people think?

I almost never write rhyming poems, but I wrote this one to express myself, amuse myself, and get some frustrations out of my system. I wrote it because after talking to a lot of unemployed people — I HAD to. It would not be denied.


There are plenty of jobs employers say,

But if you haven’t done IT,

then go away.

We expect you to hit the ground at a run:

Tell us specifically,

what have you done?

You say you can proofread…Well, not OUR stuff!

You have a BA? Well, that’s nothing but fluff.

You must speak our jargon to earn our trust;

Key words on your resume —

An absolute must!

If not, our computer will spit you out,

And into the trash bin –

without a doubt.

You’re young — no experience? You can work for free;

MAYBE we’ll hire you later – we’ll see.

You’re older? We doubt you can learn new things;

And we don’t want the headaches your age may bring.

You haven’t been working? You need not apply;

Don’t bother us with your reasons why.

Will we give you training? Not on our dime…

We’ll just keep looking, take our time.

For those who score an interview,

Only a perfect fit will do.

TBM says:

It does seem difficult to get a job lately. I wish you luck!


sued51 says:

Thanks for liking it…Doubt about posting it was taking over!


Peter S says:

I’ve been out of work for three years now, recently I forwarded my resume to a former coworker. This is someone I worked with about 15 years ago. We worked together for about 4 years, so this is someone who I trust. Her email reply read : ‘We need someone with fresh experience’ . And I thought networking was supposed to be a good thing to do!


sued51 says:

I have learned the hard way: when it comes to jobs, some people you thought were your friends treat you like a leper once you are unemployed, as if it were a disease they could catch. They don’t get the saying “There but for the grace of God go I”!


I really identify with your last poem. I have blogged in my other blog about this. It is an awful and frustrating place to be. I have just registered as self employed after a long and fruitless job search, I was told to remove my all my hard worked for qualifications from my CV by the job center. I went for a typists job (seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel but I was ready to take anything) at a solicitors and in the first five minutes of the interview I was asked my age, if I had children, if so how many and their ages, if I was a single mother (seriously!!) and I pretty much knew by my answers that I would not be hearing from them again!!


sued51 says:

They SHOULD NOT be asking you those questions…but yeah, they get away with anything because we want jobs. And yes…you are told you are overqualified with all your accomplishments on there…so you take them off, selling yourself short…I know I am not alone in this…


Sandi Holland says:

Hey from Poets group at LI. Haven’t launched my WP blogs yet. Currently moving them from Blogger for January launching. I especially identify with your anxiety about posting the poem at a place that is linked to LI. I too think of LI as a professional place where I always want to be perceived as such. Glad to connect with you. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and New Year!


Sandi Holland says:

Checked notify me w/emails. Why can’t we do that after posting a comment? Couldn’t find check box anywhere, lol.


sued51 says:

That’s WordPress. You will be notified automatically unless you go to preferences and UNcheck a box. LOL


sued51 says:

Welcome, Sandi! Nice to connect with you as well! I’ll look forward to checking out your blogs. Happy Holidays to you!
As far as the post…I decided someone would have to dig rather deep to find this poem from LinkedIn so I decided to go for it.


I’ve been on unermployment for the past 11 months. Your poem speaks the truth.


sued51 says:

Sorry for your unemployment. The job situation is so difficult these days. There are so many people whose talents and abilities are being wasted because of the attitudes and hiring methods of companies and human resources professionals. Just because someone fell into difficulties and can’t catch a break does not mean they are useless and without talent! I tried to get to the meat of the matter but use a little humor.


Sandi J. Holland says:

Well, I don’t recall ever getting an auto or any other email alert that you’d answered my post here at your blog. Still learning though. Just now seeing your response. But I just launched my first blog here too That shouldn’t have anything to do with getting post alerts though, if they’re automatic. I noticed and remembered to check the box below to be notified via email when you respond to THIS, lol!


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