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{June 9, 2012}   A Fan’s History of 80’s Boston Bands: J is for Jon Butcher Axis

Speaking of the WBCN music expo in the last post (“I”), Jon Butcher Axis also played there. We had seen them quite a few times over the years. I liked the band enough to buy the self-titled LP, but they weren’t a “weekly” band for us like The Atlantics, Neighborhoods, Outlets or Trademarks (these will be my “N”, “O” and “T” subjects). Their big hit on MTV at the time was “Life Takes a Life.“(Great video from the 80’s, check it out!)

Jane and I thought the man, Jon Butcher, was FINE, as I think the lingo goes; he was a great guitarist and wonderful eye candy. The band was a three-piece and very tight. I remember how he would come to the front of the stage during guitar solos; I was standing there one of those times and got to look directly into his beautiful brown eyes…SIGH.

And speaking of “J”, the Joe Perry Project was also playing clubs in the early 80’s. Joe Perry had temporarily left Aerosmith and started his own band. I remember specifically seeing them at the Channel. Because Joe Perry was already famous, they didn’t have to start out playing the smaller clubs.

Jon Butcher has continued his career; he got nominated for a Grammy award and is still performing today. He recently teamed up with Charlie Farren (who played with The Joe Perry Project from 1980-1982) as FBI. So…my “J”s actually tie together. The music world is a small one…especially in Boston.


Great work you have here my friend 🙂


peters154 says:

I always wondered why Jon Butcher did not become a huge star. His first two albums sold well, I think they were both in the top 40 in the US, but I never hear his music on the radio now.

He just came along either too early or too late, I guess.


sued51 says:

If you go to his web site you will see that he has written music for tv shows…I think he has still made a career for himself but not so much in the public eye. Great talent…


ELaw says:

i dont think i ever went to see him , or maybe only a couple of times. speaking of joe perry. my good friend mach bell (ex-thundertrain) was joe”s singer on the third and final (at that time) joe perry project album. flash forward a couple of decades and mach put together a band called the Mach 5 that i would up putting out their cd on my label, Lawless Records. Great band, great cd if you like good old rock and roll. Mach’s new band Bag O’ Nails is playing at Quans in Hanover on July 14th. small small world!!!!


sued51 says:

Mach Bell sounds familiar…I have a vague memory of Thundertrain…
I love that some people keeping playing their whole life…wonderful


ELaw says:

who will “K” be? do the Lou Miami and the Kozmetix qualify as “K” band?


sued51 says:

Lou is going to be “L”. 🙂

I’m cheating for “K”…


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