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{October 14, 2011}   Orphan Books

I saw this story today and had to share it.

Public bookshelves spread across Germany

I don’t know if we could do this in the United States, but I think it is a great idea.  Something makes me think if we did it here we would end up with pages of the books blowing around the streets. 😦

Most of the charities in the US do not want to take books anymore. I use Paperback Swap for most books I don’t want to keep, but if no one wants them, I often end up keeping them simply because I can’t bear to put them in the trash.

Well…I’m glad homeless books are valued somewhere!

Gary Floyd says:

got books Sue in most major malls at least on north shore, They take old books and old vhs tapes, dvds. They really are a godsend. For electronics Best Buy has a great programs. Any kind of monitors. They get rid of hard drives. They’ll pop those out for you and take back the case. I hope that helps. There always so much of what do you do to get rid of old junk. Clothes and small furniture Vietnam Veterans.


sued51 says:

Gary, Thanks for commenting!
There are some donate books boxes in the supermarket parking lots near me. As far as the other stuff goes…charities are very particular these days about what they take, especially with big stuff (furniture). We had a couch and desks, and Salvation Army had a backup of months before they could pick the stuff up and there was no guarantee they would take it. The Vets won’t take furniture…we ended up with the Epilepsy Foundation. They wouldn’t take one of the desks because it wasn’t put together. If you truly want someone to use the stuff you have to give it to a church charity or something more local.


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