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{September 25, 2011}   As the Avocado Grows…

As the Avocado Grows…

My successful "plant experiment"

I have written in a past blog about my “plant experiments.” This 1 ½ year old avocado plant is one of my successes, and I’m proud as a parent.

I had heard you could grow an avocado from a pit but I had never tried it.  I was interested in the experiment, so I looked up information on the Internet (the Internet IS wonderful for that; you can find out how to do almost anything).  I followed the instructions: hovering a split pit over a dish of water with toothpicks. It took weeks and weeks to get a sprout, but it happened!  I transplanted it and it is now over two feet tall!  Because it was an avocado from the grocery store it is probably a hybrid, genetically altered not to produce fruit, but it is still a lovely plant and makes me feel successful. It has a place of honor under the skylights with our other “tropical” plants.

Meanwhile out in my compost pile last year, a plant rose from the depths. I recognized the leaves because of my indoor experiment; an avocado plant had grown on its own in my compost pile without the aid of the toothpicks and bowl of water. I briefly considered digging it up and repotting it, but I didn’t think I needed two of them.  I was attached to the one I grew myself because I worked so hard to nurture it.

With very little thought, I left it to become a victim of the New England winter.

A Successful Food Experiment

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