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Home gardening is becoming more popular than ever due to the economy.  Most people grow some kind of food in the summer, even if it is just some herbs and a patio tomato. What do you do if you don’t have a yard, or your yard does not have a good sunny spot in the back or side to have a vegetable garden?  Is it socially acceptable to have a vegetable garden in the front yard?

In my area, I see lots of Topsy Turvys (upside down tomato growers) on front porches. At my job, I had a conversation with a woman who said she grows tomatoes along the front walkway because it is the sunniest spot in her yard, and she loves the convenience of picking them as she walks into the house after work (although her husband hates it).  Many people unable to afford the cost of fancy pots grow their tomatoes in buckets (like the orange “Homer” Home Depot buckets, which are under $3.00). When I mentioned this phenomenon to a coworker, she said she called it a “Hillbilly Garden”.

Container gardening is also becoming popular.  Google “container gardening with vegetables” and check out the wealth of information on the internet for this topic.  One book I was reading suggested using the plastic tubs sold at party stores as an inexpensive container; most any container will do, as long as it is large enough for the type of plant, and it has holes for drainage.

I have a small vegetable garden on the side of my house that barely gets enough sun for me to grow tomatoes.  I have the best luck with peas and beans.  So this year, I have two Topsy Turvys on my farmer’s porch, and a line of every pot I could find on the driveway, by far the sunniest spot.  In honor of my coworker, I call this my “hillbilly garden” (though I don’t have any buckets).  I don’t think it is TOO ugly; do you?

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