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I have heard some say: Success = Hard Work + Opportunity

Is it that simple? Is there another variable (x)? More than one other variable (y)?

Where are luck and talent in the above equation?  Some may say, Luck = Opportunity, but I think not.

What if I were to work hard for two opportunities but it does not equal success; then when the next one comes along, I’m not feeling well or circumstances stop me from working as hard as I did the other times—again it does not equal success.  In both cases the value of the opportunity plus the value of the hard work did not add up.

And don’t bring up “The Secret” or visualizing success as the missing factor.  I think that throws off the equation; if you concentrate too much, you delude yourself into believing in the simple version of the equation: Success = Opportunity + Faith; then hard work is not taken into account.

All of this is to say, I have not figured out what variables are missing and how to determine what the value of those variables are.  I wonder if I need an algebra refresher course?

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