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My back is aching; have you ever used “The Claw”?  It is a special garden tool that you rotate in the ground to pull up plants with deep roots and break up the soil when you don’t have a rototiller.  It’s very hard work.

A few years ago when I made my raised-bed vegetable garden I naively planted some mint.  After being away from home for 1 ½ years, the mint took over the entire garden.  I attacked it today with “The Claw”.  What roots!  It had even wound itself around my bean tower, so I had to pull that out of the ground.

After churning up all the soil, I raked it and sifted through it with my gloved hands trying to find stray roots.  Before I dare plant anything else there I will have to do some more raking and sifting.  Oh, insidious plant!  Oh, my aching back!  All for a mojito…

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