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I’m not a crazy cat lady or a cat collector (my husband and I have two cats – a reasonable number), but I feel like I can’t live without them. The last time I was without a cat for any period of time was when I was 12-13, when my cat Breeze was hit by a car, and I was so distraught my parents made me wait a year to get another.  When I was older and between apartments, I slept in the motor home in my parents’ driveway rather than get an apartment where I couldn’t have my cat. I was lucky to have that luxury. Some people have no choice but to be cat-less for a period of time.

Thus, I can understand the logic of a “cat cafe” in Japan, although I didn’t know they existed until I saw the article the other day. The idea of people stopping for a drink on the way home from work and paying to play with cats as a way of relaxing makes perfect sense to me (and cats and tea just go together, don’t they?). In a country where the apartments are very small and pets are generally prohibited, what is a cat lover to do?

{May 22, 2010}   Tea or Coffee?

My parents are tea drinkers so I have been drinking tea since my age hit double-digits.  I have many fond memories of talking to my parents and bonding over cups of tea.  When I was a child, my mother sometimes gave me black tea when I had an upset stomach, increasing its comfort connotation for me.  Interestingly, most of my siblings drink coffee or don’t drink either.  My oldest brothers picked up the coffee habit in the service.

I also learned to like coffee.  I attended so many events in the past where only coffee was available because tea was not as popular as it is today.  I have always loved the smell of coffee when it is being ground or brewed (but I hate stale coffee smell).  I also discovered lattes on a trip to France; that was the real turning point.  I found, though, that I couldn’t drink coffee on an empty stomach, so it was always a mid-morning to mid-afternoon drink. 

When I met my husband, he was a coffee drinker.  I found myself switching back and forth, depending on the occasion.  I bought him a Tassimo machine that he loved and found myself enjoying lattes and cappuccinos.

As tea became more popular and more readily available, I began to branch out with the types of tea I drank, and almost completely gave up coffee.  People began giving me tea as gifts.  I discovered loose tea as Teavana stores started to pop up.

So now I am back to my roots.  I still like my black tea to start the day and tend to try other teas at different times of day, as when I used to have a cup of coffee.  My husband started to have stomach problems when starting the day with coffee and discovered a Teavana loose tea that he really likes.  The Tassimo machine now sits for weeks at a time.

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