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{October 18, 2010}   A Review of The Ugly Ducking Loft

My husband and I went on a drive to Sturbridge to see some foliage and have lunch.  We didn’t know anything about the restaurants there, but we chose The Ugly Duckling Loft because, even just before 2:00 pm on a Wednesday, it had quite a few cars in the parking lot.  It is the upstairs of the The Whistling Swan . 

It was attractive inside: wood-beamed with elegant-looking tables with white tablecloths.  We decided to sit at the bar, which had comfortable blue leather chairs.  The waiter/bartender told us it been under new management for two weeks.  The menu was one page, but had several delicious-sounding choices.

We started with an appetizer of fried calamari with sweet plum sauce.  I decided against the spicy sauce because I have had that at many restaurants and wanted something a little different.  It was delicious and tender.

Next we shared a salad called a “BLT” with a fried red tomato on top of thick bacon and baby greens, topped with goat cheese.  The waiter/bartender split it for us and gave us each our own plates; it was delicious.  Our only criticism was that the tomato was warm, but the bacon was cold.  The waiter/bartender told us the bacon should have been warm.

Lastly, we both ordered “stuffed burgers.”  We had seen burgers stuffed with cheese on Man vs. Food  on the travel channel, and we were curious to try them.  My husband ordered the blue cheese and bacon, and I got the Los Angeles burger with goat cheese; we both ordered them medium well accompanied by sweet potato fries.

The burgers we had seen on the TV show were made by taking cheese and stuffing it between two burger patties.  The burgers were pressed together around the outside to seal in the cheese before they were cooked.  When patrons bit into the burgers, hot melted cheese would ooze out; they came with a warning so people would not burn themselves on the hot cheese.  This is what we expected, but not what we got; the cheese appeared to be on top, not “stuffed” in the center; we were disappointed.  That said, the burgers were still delicious; the buns were toasted and the burgers moist.  The generous helping of fries were addictive;  we both should have stopped before we did.  No dessert for us.

The waiter/bartender was pleasant, attentive, and communicative.  Because the food was good and we knew the management was new, I was still pretty pleased with my experience, despite the cold bacon on the salad and the disappointment with the burgers.  I would definitely try the restaurant again.

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