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{April 5, 2017}   Eviction Notice

You! What are you still doing here? Didn’t I tell you your presence here was only temporary???!

pike of snow

Snow Pile

It’s April! You have overstayed your welcome! And you are dirty and disgusting like Jabba the Hut! NO one wants you here!

I’m serving you an eviction notice. I have brought both the rain and sun as my deputies….You are done you lazy loafer! Be gone by the end of the week!


{April 17, 2013}   What is it About April?


It’s a spring month, a time of renewal and hope; Easter often falls in this month. But it appears it is also a time for tragedy: the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Virginia Tech Shootings, the BP Oil Spill and now the Boston Marathon bombing. I saw my notes regarding some of these events in my long-term journal and shook my head. Why? This should be one of the best times of the year.

I know, you could probably take any month and find tragedies that have occurred in that month (December is another bad one), but because I live outside of Boston, the marathon tragedy is in my face and on my mind, bringing back bad memories of these other horrific events, events that took place at the same time as beautiful blooming bushes and daffodils.

I am going through tough times myself right now (nothing life-threatening…just way-of-life-threatening, which is psychologically difficult); that is why my blog posts have been few and far between. I have been calling this “the Spring I didn’t see” because I have barely noticed the flowers blooming or the weather warming. I go through my days in a haze of business and worry. Normally I would be enjoying the end of winter and anticipating my garden to come, but not this year. But Monday’s events made me HAVE to stop and think, whether I like it or not.

It’s easy to feel compassion for the victims, but hard to understand the people who perpetrate these acts. Are they so caught up in their own problems, so angry that they don’t see the flowers, feel the warmer air, see the blue sky, enjoy the world around them? When bad things are happening to you, it is hard not to feel blinding anger and self-pity. It takes strength and attention to see what’s good. Many of these people have minds eaten away by mental illness. Not an excuse, but a way to remember that, though their acts seem inhuman, they are humans with problems.

I went out for a very quick walk this morning, but I got down on my hands and knees to smell the hyacinths. I had to…I have to keep that smell and vision in my thoughts all day to get through. Life goes on, in very beautiful ways if you can see it.

{March 21, 2011}   Ah…Spring!

It’s finally here, at least according to the calendar.  As I write this, snow flakes are falling, but not sticking on the ground…(oh-oh…as I continue to write they are starting to stick).

This is usually the time of year when the still-chilly air is balanced out by the warm, strengthening sun on our backs as we do our yard work, and this year will require a lot of clean-up.

What are the elements of spring for me? Activities, visible signs, audible signs, and internal (emotional) signs.

Activities: going to the flower show in Boston…planting seeds inside…being able to open the windows at night without totally freezing…walking, walking, walking…planning the yard sale that I WILL have this year.

Visible signs: crocuses blooming; hyacinths , daffodils and tulips popping out of the ground; birds, birds, birds everywhere; and this year…the big plowed snow pile on the driveway finally completely melted!

Audible signs: birds, birds, birds — more variety, especially in the morning; going to sleep with tree frogs and ducks drowning out the sounds of the commuter train (we love this the most).

Emotional signs: the lifting of my spirits and energy level as I come out of winter hibernation; the desire to wash and vacuum my car (believe me…that’s special for me); wanting to let the fresh air in (despite the fact that these temperatures in the winter time we would have considered “cold”), and finally, wanting desperately to be outside as much as possible!

{March 20, 2010}   Harbingers of Spring

When I was growing up, I looked forward to seeing robins as harbingers of spring, but many robins don’t migrate anymore.  I have seen them here in New England in January, so I would say they have lost that title.  My husband says he always determined it was spring when he heard the “peepers”.  I told him that what he called the “peepers” were really birds called phoebes, and what he heard was “phoe-be”.  He refuses to acknowledge that—“Everyone calls them ‘peepers’ and they’ll always be ‘peepers’ to me,” he said.  Regardless of what they are called, they do seem to be harbingers of spring; I heard my first one yesterday, and today is the first day of spring on the calendar.

Last night we opened the windows when we went to bed, and we could hear the ducks.  Usually at the beginning of April, the sound of the frogs in our vernal pool is so loud we have to wear earplugs.  That’s when I really know it is spring–bring on the frogs.

What sound or vision do you consider a harbinger of spring?

As we drove around today, the highway department was already trying to repair the endless potholes revealed and deepened by the flooded streams and rivers.  The roads were obstacle courses full of sawhorses and cones marking the potholes.  Trash was everywhere, spread by the risen water and randomly dropped when it receded.  Spring cleaning is not just for inside homes.  Thank goodness spring brings a renewal of energy and the desire to be out in the sun and mild weather.

I love to see the green shoots of the daffodils, tulips, and lilies breaking through the ground, but not when they are surrounded by old plastic containers and bags, and cans that were crushed unseen beneath the snow.

I will go out to my vernal pool area and collect as much trash as I can in appreciation of the arrival of spring.  Today I was happy to see a male and female duck paddling through the trash-filled muddy water.  I hope if I clean up they will stay. I hope my neighbors do the same near their homes so we can all enjoy the colorful flowers and buds coming soon.

My Favorite Catalog

My favorite catalog came yesterday—Burpee Gardening!  I can just stare at the pictures for hours; the pictures of the vegetables, fruits, and flowers are my idea of paradise.  This year the cover is graced by a cream yellow and magenta petunia called “Fancy Dress”, and it is fancy indeed. “Come into our garden!” reads the front, and I eagerly enter.

Hmmm…what are the highlights this year? The front of the book contains a “Big Pink Tomato” (that truly looks “pink” in the picture) and a “Cherries Jubilee Tomato” (the photo shows a hanging branch — wonderful depth of field –of countless red and orangey cherry tomatoes).  The names of the plants are imaginative—who can resist a lettuce called “Braveheart”, or a fruit called “Seascape Strawberries”.   And I love to read the descriptions; peppers called “Flavorburst Hybrid” are described as “Giant blocky bells [that] begin granny apple green and finish in a lovely shade of goldenrod.”  The accompanying picture is as described: peppers all combinations of green and gold.

If you’ve never looked at a burpee catalog; here’s the link; you’ll see the “Fancy Dress” on the web site.

Go to the bottom of the page and click on Request a Catalogue.   Send for one.  I’m telling you…when it is snowing outside or when you are waiting in vain for a glimpse of your crocuses breaking ground, this catalog will help you dream of spring!

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