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{April 2, 2013}   Facebook Fatigue

Yesterday’s Daily Prompt Topic was about Social MediaDo you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?

This topic was timely for me (although I’m not timely with the topic..heh-heh). I have recently developed a severe case of Facebook Fatigue. I “get” it, but I don’t “get” it.

I first joined Facebook to keep up with my nieces’ and nephews’ lives and see their pictures. In the beginning I posted some old photos I thought they would enjoy and occasionally I would post about an event or activity in my life. But that didn’t last long; I “friended” more people. I started to feel that my life could not compete and I started to post less and less. Everyone else’s life seemed more “impressive” than mine; I became almost completely a lurker, a liker, and a stealth user. I wasn’t optimizing my experience, but I was still enjoying some of other’s posts.

Then it happened…almost everyone I know is no longer sharing ANYTHING REAL. It has become almost exclusively the realm of the superficial and the self-promoters. I now find going on Facebook is like watching a channel that is completely made up of commercials and infomercials!  I know people need to advertise their causes, their businesses, their projects…but does almost every post have to be that? Every once in a while throw me a bone! Something with substance.

I don’t want to unfriend people (that can cause a permanent rift) and …if I were to use “hide” to cut back on things…well, I’d be hiding just about EVERYONE! It seems it has become the complete domain of the sales pitch, whether personal or professional.

One frustrating day I wrote this poem:

Facebook Fatigue

Your actions say I’m a fan, not a friend;

I’m not a stand-alone, I just blend in,

lost in a bramble of “likes”

where you don’t venture.

To separate us all is too much to do

and your “real work” needs you

more than you need me.

My need is irrelevant.

At least bloggers have etiquette. I have found most of them to be appreciative of their readers and audience; it is a community. Facebook seems to me to be one HUGE talking head, and to be honest, I’m tired of listening.

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