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Sometimes it’s the perfect relationship where taste and smell work together to create a transcending experience. For me, that is the case for basil, cilantro, rosemary, and peanut butter to name a few.  Orgasmic!

Sometimes the smell is better than the taste. For me coffee is on this list; I LOVE of the smell of fresh ground coffee, though I’m a tea drinker. And of course there are many things that taste a lot better than they smell (come on, who really likes the smell of fish?!). Many alcohols are on this list for me, especially beer and whiskey.

Then of course there are all the things that smell great, but can be poisonous or can’t be eaten.  Many flowers come to mind.  This makes me wonder about evolution. Why do we like the smell of things that we may be allergic to?  Why doesn’t our body instinctively keep us away from these things?  I love the smell of fresh cut grass, but it doesn’t take long before I start sneezing.  I also love the smell of Russian sage, but I am highly allergic; every time I try to trim my plants, I have difficulty breathing.

I started thinking about this because I wanted to make a list of my favorite smells but kept finding myself writing qualifiers after many things on the list.  I found the task I set for myself, was not so simple, but of course that is what made it challenging and fun.  Try it and see if it is simple…maybe it is just me.

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