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{March 28, 2011}   A New Way to Grow Seedlings

Yes, those are seedlings in the cage. No, we aren’t growing dangerous plants and they didn’t misbehave. We aren’t imprisoning them; we’re protecting them.  A cage can work both ways.

Last year we discovered that our cats are big bad bullies for little seedlings.  They roll on them, squish them, eat them, and bat at them.  Last year a lot of seedlings succumbed and gave up.  We scolded the cats and tried to convince them to leave the plants alone, but as any cat owner knows, cats do what they want.

So this was my husband’s solution for this year and I thought it was a brilliant, albeit, funny one.  The cats can hang around the cage as much as they want, they can’t get to the plants.  The plants get light and they are easy to water.

I’m sure the cats are just as glad they still have the run of the house and they aren’t the ones in the cage!

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