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{June 1, 2013}   A Special Flower

Pink Lady SlippersI was out walking in my neighborhood yesterday and saw these in a neighbor’s yard.

Pink lady slipper

I did a double-take…pink lady slippers??? I hadn’t seen them since I was a child. And I remember quite well what happened then.

I was in the woods behind my house and came across this beautiful flower. Thoughtful child that I was, I picked it to bring home to my mother. On my way back I bumped into a friend who lived next door. “Look what I found! Isn’t it beautiful?” I gushed. I thought she was shocked by its beauty, but no…she said, “You aren’t supposed to pick those!”

“Why not?” I said, feeling uneasy.

“It’s illegal!”


“You are going to get in trouble!”

I thought she was teasing me, so I brought it home anyway. And my mother said it was true…they were endangered. She said she appreciated my thought, but get rid of it! I went back to the woods and laid it down next to the leaves, hoping someone would think it just broke. I was nervous for a couple of days after that,  picturing policemen at my door hauling me away. Of course, nothing happened, but I never touched them again.

Glad to see that they are still alive and well. They are the state flower of Minnesota, but can be found in the Eastern US and Canada. You can read about them here.

{November 4, 2010}   Pricey Resources

A customer came through my line the other day with soil, a bag of rocks, and bottled water in her cart (along with several other things).  She said, “I never thought I would be paying for dirt, rocks, and water.”   We both laughed, but it made me think.

When I was a child I lived next to an abandoned gravel pit;  it was my playground.  I collected bag after bag of rocks.  I studied them, decorated with them, and played games with them.  I even had a rock polisher that I used to make them smooth. The soil was sandy, but was still capable of growing things (it was great for growing potatoes).  I also collected smooth beach stones when I went to the beach.  I never considered rocks as something to buy until I was grown up and we used them for landscaping at our home.

It used to be if I wanted soil to plant something, I just went outside and dug some out of the ground and dumped it in a pot (of course that was before I knew anything about gardening and bugs).

Also, when I was a child our family had a well.  The water was fine to drink.  In fact, I remember there being a spring at a park near my house, and we would often stop to drink from it when we were out playing for the day.  We didn’t need water filters or bottled water to drink.

I know the world has changed, and I’m okay with that.  It just gives me second thoughts about how we use our resources and reminds me not to take them for granted.

My Favorite Catalog

My favorite catalog came yesterday—Burpee Gardening!  I can just stare at the pictures for hours; the pictures of the vegetables, fruits, and flowers are my idea of paradise.  This year the cover is graced by a cream yellow and magenta petunia called “Fancy Dress”, and it is fancy indeed. “Come into our garden!” reads the front, and I eagerly enter.

Hmmm…what are the highlights this year? The front of the book contains a “Big Pink Tomato” (that truly looks “pink” in the picture) and a “Cherries Jubilee Tomato” (the photo shows a hanging branch — wonderful depth of field –of countless red and orangey cherry tomatoes).  The names of the plants are imaginative—who can resist a lettuce called “Braveheart”, or a fruit called “Seascape Strawberries”.   And I love to read the descriptions; peppers called “Flavorburst Hybrid” are described as “Giant blocky bells [that] begin granny apple green and finish in a lovely shade of goldenrod.”  The accompanying picture is as described: peppers all combinations of green and gold.

If you’ve never looked at a burpee catalog; here’s the link; you’ll see the “Fancy Dress” on the web site.

Go to the bottom of the page and click on Request a Catalogue.   Send for one.  I’m telling you…when it is snowing outside or when you are waiting in vain for a glimpse of your crocuses breaking ground, this catalog will help you dream of spring!

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