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{April 11, 2010}   My Cat Likes Golf?!

Unbeknownst to most observers yesterday, Phil Mickelson had some help.  During his run of eagles at the end of yesterday’s round, our cat Zoee was sitting in front of the TV “helping” the ball into the hole with her paw.  It was a hoot.

We would have liked to have filmed it for America’s Funniest Videos or YouTube, but every time I tried to get up from the couch to get the camera, she would turn around and look at me and my husband would say, “Don’t make her stop; let’s just enjoy it.”  And we did.

Maybe it is a calico thing—our last calico, Simone, used to like hockey games.  She would lie on top of the TV and let her paw hang down to chase the puck.  Zoee can’t do that with a flat screen, so she sits in front of it.

Funniest of all was the fact that as soon as Phil finished his round, she lost interest.  Tiger was being interviewed and she jumped down and turned to face us with a “fait accompli” look.  My husband said, “She must be a lefty.”

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