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We all hear about discrimination that people suffer from, what about plants?  I think some flowers suffer from discrimination based on their names—the perennial Sneezeweed for example ( ).  The garden center I work at was selling them—a beautiful golden orange in color.  People would walk over to them, saying, “Aren’t these pretty?” and then look at the name and walk away.  Similarly, I always find “dead nettle” a tough sell, despite its rare quality of producing flowers in the shade ( ).

“Weed” has such a nasty connotation—an annoying plant we always try to get rid of.  A plant lovers’ definition of a weed is “a plant that grows in the wrong place.”  Many plants considered weeds (or nicely termed “wildflowers”) are quite pretty—think of Morning Glories, Ox-eye Daisies, and Sweet William.  Growing in the right place we would enjoy these “weeds” immensely.  We should all have a “wild” part of our yard for these beauties and just let them go.

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