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This is an example of a healthy meal in my world: no meat and a vegetable is prominently featured. But it sure tasted decadent! Anyone who has read my food posts knows that my husband is a fabulous cook; he believes life is too short to eat ordinary. Every day for dinner we have something incredible. He loves cooking for me because I love food and I am open to food experiments. In this case, he took a recipe for pumpkin pappardelle and made it with buttercup squash. He used fresh ground nutmeg and fresh parsley — mmmm.

My husband is French so he likes to cook with butter and cream. I appreciate the wonderful food he cooks for me; I am a lucky woman. But I don’t appreciate the fat collecting around my middle and having to burn over 600 calories in my workout just so I don’t become HUGE! I can’t complain about the food…I am so grateful that I eat well and that he cooks for me. But I am so conflicted! I barely eat the rest of the day and seem to be always hungry.

Should I just keep working out like a fiend? Should I work harder on accepting myself with some fat on my body? What’s a former borderline anorexic to do??

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