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{August 29, 2010}   Memory Triggers

We all have sensory experiences that remind us of certain times or dear people in our lives: unique smells, pictures, or a certain song.  I was taking a walk today and a neighbor had a silver dollar plant (

My thoughts immediately went to my deceased grandmother.  She used to have some “money plants” by her back door.  I was fascinated by them as a child: the crackling sound they made when the wind blew; the way they felt like old paper when I touched them.  Their delicacy reminded me of my grandmother’s skin, white and thin, and I thought they were beautiful.

My Nana also used to have some in the house in a vase.  Unlike flowers, there was no need for water with silver dollars; they would last forever.

I wanted to pick some and bring them home, but they belonged to someone else, and I had no right to them.  The memories do belong to me though, and somehow I’m sure my grandmother knew that I was smiling for her.

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