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{April 25, 2013}   No News is Good News?

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Seems like we have been inundated with “bad” news lately: the bombing in Boston, the explosion in Texas, the floods in the Midwest…and those are just the national stories, let alone the “more local” stories of murder and other tragedies. I can’t take it. I read headlines, but not stories. I try not to look at too many pictures or watch the news on TV. Yet I think it is important to know what is going on in the world, so I don’t want to avoid it altogether. Also, if I get too caught up in my own problems and lose sight of the bigger picture, I become self-obsessed and isolated.

How do you handle it dear readers? Do you control your news-watching with time limits? Do you only use certain news sources? Are there certain types of news stories you try to avoid altogether?

Personally, I try to avoid animal cruelty and child cruelty stories whenever possible. And unfortunately I am a terrorist’s dream…scared to death for a while after tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing.

I wrote this poem some years ago when I didn’t change the channel fast enough and an animal cruelty story came on:

No News is Good News

 Waiting for you,

I turn on the TV.

I cry alone

because someone set

somebody’s pet

on fire.

When you’re here

You try to keep me

from seeing

such things.

When you come home

You shake your head

at my wet eyes;

I just can’t be left alone.

I’ve soaked the cat’s fur

with my tears

hoping to prevent tragedy.

Although I appreciate the inspiration and a good cry…it just seems best for me to avoid the bad news whenever possible.

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