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{August 26, 2013}   Magnetic Poetry Monday (2)

Magnetic Poetry, Poetry


I found it challenging today; I kept looking for words that weren’t there. The calendar set is limited.

I might have to cheat and dig into my other set next time. 🙂


{August 12, 2013}   Magnetic Poetry Monday

Magnetic Poetry

I just added a magnetic blackboard to my kitchen. I’ve had two Magnetic Poetry sets packed away for years and never used them. If you aren’t familiar with them, you get a set of tiny magnetic word tiles. The challenge (and fun) is that you only have certain words so you are limited (or not) by the words that you are given. This set is actually the one that went with a Magnetic Poetry calendar (which I turned into a magnet board to hang by my desk). Most of the words in this set are weather/season-related.

Finally, I am beginning to play. This is my first one.


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