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{June 16, 2013}   Father’s Day

I’ve written about my father a lot on this blog.  No need to go further.

I will always love you, Dad. You will always be my version of Superman.

Dad after his prom

{May 5, 2010}   Simple Joy

I haven’t had a dog in many years, but I remember what it is like.  Anyone who has a dog or has had a dog knows what I’m talking about… the wagging tail, the bark or whine of joy when you come home to your pet.  That’s simple joy.

My husband and I experience it with our cats too.  In the mornings when they know we are waking up, they race across the bed with excitement and play with our feet as we move them under the blankets.  Our cat Zoee acts like a dog when we come home, she runs to the door wagging her tail with excitement and meows.  How wonderful it is to be the recipient of that joy; it is almost better than being the one actually experiencing it.

When was the last time you have felt that simple joy at seeing someone…at hearing a friend’s voice on the phone, at seeing familiar writing on an envelope?  Did you communicate your joy?

We would all do well to realize how precious that is and embrace those feelings.  It is the best gift any of us can be given.

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