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When my husband and I moved into our first house, the lawn was pretty bad.  It was patchy, embedded with Heineken beer caps and invaded by dandelions. We applied patch to the grassless spots and my husband put down the 4-step lawn treatment.  I used my trusty dandelion removal tool to remove the dandelions by hand…a process that paid off with a beautiful green lawn. (yard before0001)

We took before and after pictures–after only one year, the lawn was beautiful.  My husband mowed the lawn faithfully, going in different directions each week.  I raked the grass (we didn’t have a mulching mower).  People from the neighborhood would stop and comment on its beauty, and the neighbors began to call my husband “the Lawn Maniac”.  If a dandelion would randomly appear on the lawn, he would point it out to me and I would attack it with enthusiasm.  I spent many weekends moving plants and planting new ones. (yard after0001)When we moved to the house we live in now, I sighed over the yard.  It was like an ocean of dirt with islands of grass, and it was three times the size.  We were older and working hard at our jobs outside the home; it seemed like it was time for the dandelion hunter and the lawn maniac to retire.  We even sold our lawnmower.  We hired landscapers to create a flower bed and treed island in front of the house, and I planted some bulbs and bushes.  It has been almost five years, but it still does not look like the yard at our first house.  We were away for over a year and one-half and depended on others to maintain the yard.  It looks like someone else’s yard, not ours.

Thus, the lawn maniac and dandelion hunter have come out of retirement.  It’s time.  The yard is overrun with dandelions and strange weeds.  The early warm weather sent us out to toil just the way we used to, no more depending on others.  Now…about that lawnmower…

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