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{September 29, 2012}   The Sunshine Award on a Cloudy Day

Two weeks ago, I was nominated for the Sunshine Award, by Sofacents. (Although I still have two more letters of the alphabet, I don’t think I would have gotten through my music series, A Fan’s History of 80’s Boston Bands, without his comments!) My sincere and grateful thanks to him! It has taken me two weeks to get to it because I have been working extra hours recently and hurt my back, making sitting at the computer a little difficult, but better late than never!

This blog has been quite an experience for me. I started it when I was unemployed and dispirited to keep myself writing and busy. In the beginning I had only stealth readers who never commented, so it felt like I was writing in a vacuum (which was fine, but I already do that in my journals at home). Every once in a while someone would tell me in person or on the phone that they read my blog and enjoyed it, but there was nothing in writing that said that; WordPress wasn’t giving us stats then.

I finally got so discouraged I was going to give it up; I wondered why I was doing it. I decided to start a new blog, Last Train to Qville, without a plan of how to end this one. I panicked and decided to keep this one going as well. I’m glad I did as readers have finally found me, and now I have an award!

Part 1 is to answer some questions about myself.

1 – What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Hmm…Sofacents mentioned “The Sound of Music” and I do love that one, but I don’t think of it as a Christmas movie, even though it has a Christmas scene. There’s a modern one I love that isn’t a Christmas movie, but has Christmas scenes called “Love Actually” that I like a lot. It tells several stories simultaneously with a fabulous cast. It has some sad parts though. On a lighter note, I LOVE the cartoon “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.” Great music!

2 – What’s Your Favorite Flower?

I can’t give an absolute answer to this one. I love to garden, and I love so many different flowers. I guess I will choose two very different flowers: lilies and sunflowers: formal and everyday.

3 – Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage

That’s an easy one for me; I’ve been drinking tea since I was a child.

4 – What is your passion?

That’s a tie between reading and writing. I could happily spend all my hours doing both. In second place is my love for animals, especially cats.

5 – Favorite Time of Year?

That’s a tie between spring and fall. I love spring because it is such a relief after winter. Green is my favorite color, and I love to garden. Spring means a new gardening season. I also love fall because I love the fall colors, fall food like apples and squashes. Spring might have the edge only because my allergies are worse in the fall.

6 – Favorite Time of Day ?

Another easy one, I am definitely a morning person. I look forward to my quiet morning time drinking my tea, reading a book, or doing some writing in my journal. A day not started that way is not usually a good one for me. If I don’t get something done by 1:00, it often doesn’t happen.

7 – Favorite Physical Activity ?

Walking. I could walk and walk and walk, as long as I have good sneakers.

8 – Favorite Vacation ?

That’s another tough one. Due to economic conditions, my husband and I have not been on a vacation in YEARS. When we had full-time high paying jobs we liked to go to Mexico to Iberostar resorts in what is called the “Mexican Riviera” near Playa del Carmen. But I wouldn’t necessarily say that was my favorite vacation. I think my husband and I differ on this one. I like going to a new city and seeing and doing touristy things.

Part 2 is to nominate other blogs for this award. Here’s a few I discovered recently that I like: great photos very creative and witty writing great photos


The other two I wanted to note were called Images & Words and A Little Box of  Light, but I am having trouble locating the links. I’ll get back to that!


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