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Some of my cribbage friends had a saying about me…”Every silver lining has a cloud…”  I was always afraid to believe in my good fortune, even playing cribbage.

Since I have been unemployed, it has been hard to SEE my good fortune, other than to appreciate the people and pets in my life.  But after finishing my brochure the other day I felt a strange positive feeling—could it be hope?  A sense of accomplishment?

I felt proud of being able to make my brochure and have people say, “It’s eye-catching and well done.”  I thought, if I hadn’t lost my job, I wouldn’t have learned to use Microsoft Publisher, AND I wouldn’t be learning how to make a web site, AND I wouldn’t have this blog…

None of it may not be bringing in money (yet!) but I’m proud of what I am learning and proud of the growing I am doing.  I think I’ve turned a corner—the cloud may not have a silver lining, but I’m beginning to see a glint of something shining.

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