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{February 11, 2010}   Selling coupons?!

My husband was looking for coupons online when he discovered something I couldn’t believe: people are selling coupons on Ebay; in fact, when he did a search, there were 18,023 results! People are selling pizza coupons, ice cream coupons, grocery coupons–you name it, it’s there.  And I’ve been throwing away coupons I don’t use????!!  The things that the Internet makes possible!

I knew there was a market for unused gift cards; although a search for gift cards produces results where people are actually bidding more than the gift cards are worth, which makes no sense to me.  Someone was auctioning off a Lowe’s card worth $400+ and someone had bid $200+, which seems like a good deal if you have a large purchase to make.

We used to have a free table where I used to work: people would bring in stuff that they didn’t want anymore and anyone else could take that item for free.  Sometimes people would put coupons on the free table.  I haven’t worked there for 2 years; makes me wonder if there still is a free table…or is nothing free anymore?

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