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{March 22, 2012}   Family Size and Eating Habits

I recently read a thought-provoking blog by MindMindful. Her blog got me thinking about how factors in our upbringing affect our eating habits. I brought the subject up at dinner at a friends’ house and it created a lively discussion.
I related a story of sitting down to dinner with a roommate. She had baked a package of 10 dinner rolls and put them in a basket on the table. I proceeded to take 5 and put them on my plate. “You don’t have to take your allotment,” she said. We laughed, but it was an “ah-ha” moment for me. I had grown up with 6 brothers and there were no second helpings for me. I had to take the serving size I wanted up front. It is work for me now to think about how much food I put on my plate and try not to overeat.
My friend’s husband then related that because he grew up in a small family, he hates leftovers. He said they never wondered what would be for dinner on Monday because it was always leftovers from Sunday dinner, and sometimes Tuesday would be the same. His wife, on the other hand, who came from a family with 9 children where leftovers were unheard of, doesn’t mind eating them for lunch the next day. Like her, I don’t mind leftovers; we didn’t have any at my house either.
So, readers, I’m wondering, did family size or structure affect your eating habits as an adult? I’ll bet it did, even if it meant you purposely went the opposite way (which I think I’ll write about in another blog)…

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