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{April 18, 2012}   Cooking vs. Baking

My husband is a terrific and creative cook. He loves to read recipes, but he rarely follows them. He has been cooking for so long, he can rely on his experience and instincts, and the food is usually delicious. (Lucky me, I get to be the guinea pig for what later becomes a dinner party meal.) He used to ask me to do the baking, figuring I would like it because I love to focus on one thing and follow instructions, but he couldn’t stand the state of the kitchen while I worked!

He had never done much baking because his impression was that it was rigid and exact, and there wouldn’t be room for his creativity.Over the last year, however, he has started to try baking: some desserts (for dinner parties), pizza (dough), and artesian bread. (We rarely buy bread from the grocery store anymore.) Though most of the bread is of the no-knead variety, he has sometimes varied the ingredients to change its flavor, and it has been getting better and better! He has discovered that with practice and experience, he now has a sense of what the dough should be like in terms of color and consistency, and he knows when he needs to add more flour or more water. The Baker is emerging!

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