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{September 14, 2012}   Live Fast — Eat Warm Figs!

There are certain produce items that are good for such a short period of time you have to check them carefully at the supermarket to make sure they aren’t already moldy before you even bring them home: raspberries, blackberries and figs to name a few. When you buy them, you had better plan to eat them immediately! And some items are sold only a couple of weeks a year, when they are in season. Figs are part of this group as well. When the supermarket advertises fresh figs, my husband and I are first in line!

For most of my life, all I had known of figs was fig newtons. No fun at all. As a child I watched my father take those cookies to work in his lunch every day and I never saw the attraction; he didn’t have to fight off us kids for THOSE cookies. Then I went through a phase in my life as an adult when I ate them because they were low in fat and “good” for me, but that only lasted as long as any well-intentioned diet.

That changed a couple of years ago when I had a fig epiphany. Living in Tennessee, my husband and I went to a “green” restaurant in Chattanooga called 212 Market. We had a warm fig salad with blue cheese. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. (As I wrote this and inserted the link I noticed that right now they have a special of  Harrison figs stuffed with blue cheese & bacon drizzled in honey & fried pimento cheese okra.) Wish I still lived near there!)

The next best thing though is that my husband started making a warm fig salad at home. We just had a simple one the other night: he sautéed the fresh figs in a tablespoon of butter and olive oil and served them on a bed of romaine with some grated Asiago cheese on top. No dressing, just a little of the olive oil and butter drizzled on the lettuce.

It may not be news in places like California (where most of our figs come from), but here in the Northeast I really look forward to the few weeks a year when the fresh figs are available to us and try to spread the gospel of their warm deliciousness to as many people as I can!

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