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{January 22, 2010}   Developing a Sense of Humor

My father is 84 years old.  For as long as I can remember he has tried to convince me not to take life so seriously. His whole life he has drawn cartoons and made jokes, and he says that is what has gotten him through the tough times. I always felt like this was easier said than done.

With my husband and I both out of work at different times in the last few years and our credit in tatters, I find I am finally developing a sense of humor.  When things are really bad and you feel things are out of your hands, there’s nothing to do but laugh.  We try to avoid movies that are too dark or negative; we don’t watch the news as much, and we enjoy the antics of our kitties.  We joke about being old and walking at the mall; we can’t afford to buy anything there. When the phone rings, we try to guess which bill collector it is this time.  I make a game out of seeing how many pennies I can find on the ground each week.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suffering like the people in Haiti.  I don’t have my house ready to slide off a cliff or get flooded; things could be much worse.  I have a loving husband, a roof over my head, and food on my table; I just have bills, bills, bills that I can’t pay, and I still feel lucky.  I feel especially lucky to be able to tell my father in person that I’ve finally developed a sense of humor.

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