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Date a guy SEVERELY allergic to cats.  Obviously I wasn’t thinking long-term because I’ve had cats all my life and I don’t think I could live without them.

There were a lot of work arounds.  He never came to my apartment, where I had one cat and my roommate had two; I always had to come to his.  So he never met my roommate or my cat, and I couldn’t show him my LP collection or my books. 

I had to get “unspoiled” clothes and leave them at his apartment, and take a shower as soon as I got there.  And even then, he would have a reaction. It was probably cat fur and dander lurking on my purse or shoes.  I couldn’t pet a cat I might see on the street (which I always do).  Believe me, it got old.

I started feeling like there was a whole part of me I was hiding, like I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t.  Unbelievably, it lasted a year, but what a release when it was over.

There’s always a piece of cat fur on me somewhere and affectionately I think of it as my cat accompanying me everywhere I go.

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