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{March 23, 2010}   Becoming Color-Challenged

I used to be someone who prided myself on my color-matching skills and was often complimented on my outfits.  I loved decorating and seemed to have “color memory”– I KNEW that the throw I had on the couch at home would match the pillow I saw in the store.  I didn’t need swatches or pictures.

But now that I am working at home and seldom leave the house, my outfits are more often mismatched than not.  I put on whatever T-shirt is on the top of the pile in the closet and whatever pair of pants is handy, and I don’t think about it!!  It doesn’t hurt my sensibilities to be clashing…I NEVER thought this would happen to me.

I think it bothers my husband though.  Sometimes we spontaneously decide to go for a walk around the neighborhood for fresh air.  I don’t change my clothes, why would I?  So… he has to walk with someone who might have turquoise sweatpants and a red sweatshirt!  Oh the horror!  And don’t even ask about the socks I wear, I’m fortunate if they match each other, let alone match my outfit. 

I hope that when I have an occasion to dress up, I will remember how. I don’t want to become a color-challenged senior who looks like I’m wearing hand-me-downs from the 70s.

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