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some of my XTC singles

some of my XTC singles

The letter “X” seems almost impossible, yet there were two 80’s bands I liked that I can mention here. Unfortunately neither are from Boston:  the LA band, “X” and one of my favorite bands of all time, the British band XTC. I agreed with a comment I saw posted on one of the web sites I visited with a discussion of XTC: a first listen to each of their albums would initially bring disappointment, which would then be followed by a liking of certain songs, and then a discovery of new gems, finally ending up with adoration and proclamations of “genius!”

In 1982, they were booked to play The Channel. I was so excited that I would finally see one of my favorite bands. But it was not to be. The gig (and tour) was cancelled due to Andy Partridge’s mysterious “illness’ that later turned out to be debilitating stage fright. I was SO disappointed; to this day, I regret I did not discover them early enough to have seen them.

I think Andy Partridge’s lyrics are some of the best ever written, though they can also be very offputting for some people (as he himself can be…read this 2009  interview and some of the comments”). The most “mainstream”  but controversial song they ever wrote was probably “Dear God.” It caused quite a hubbub at the time it came out, with some radio stations banning it. I have to say though, there a quite a few other gems that were “B” sides on some of the singles (“Love on a Farmboy’s Wages”), like “Toys” and deep cuts on albums like “Your Dictionary” (another controversial anti-religious song) and “Wrapped in Gray.”

I can’t recommend enough that you check them out. There are quite a few videos on YouTube (also their alterego, Dukes of Stratosphere)!


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