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As adults we are responsible for our food choices and most of us know which foods are considered “bad” or unhealthy choices: buttery, fatty items full of sugar and preservatives.  Ah, the days when I could regularly eat donuts or hostess snack cakes and not gain an ounce; back then we weren’t bombarded with knowledge of the content or calories of these “treats.”  That was a LOONNG time ago.

Every once in a while I make the choice to feel like a kid, and I allow myself to have a yodel, a ring ding, or a Twinkie.  The experience is a trip back to my childhood with each bite.

My husband and I recently bought a box of Honey Smacks cereal because it was on sale and we had a coupon.  In order to balance the guilt I felt about eating a bowl of it, I put corn flakes on the bottom.  But when I took the first bite….Whoosh!  I was taken back to childhood trips driving across the country in our car/van to visit relatives.  One of the most exciting things about the trip for me was that my mother would buy the small variety pack cereals.  Once in the car with the outside plastic ripped open, we kids would dive in to grab the “special” sugar cereals, like Sugar Smacks or Frosted Flakes that my mother almost never bought in the big box.  It helped make the trips special.

Variety Pack Cereals

There are some things I almost never eat anymore, because I’ve lost my taste for them, like ice cream sandwiches.  I ate one for lunch almost every day in junior high because I didn’t like the hot lunches.  I eventually got to the point that I felt nauseous just looking at one.  I used to eat a lot of ice cream in general; when I was in my late teens I would eat a banana split or Jim Dandy Sundae from Friendly’s for lunch or dinner.  I don’t think I’ve had one since.  I rarely have ice cream now because my teeth are too sensitive, which negates the pleasure of any good memories that may come from eating it.

Another old favorite of mine is popcorn; it always reminds me of when I worked at the movie theater.  I used to go home smelling like the butter-colored “lard” substance we would squirt on the top.  It definitely made me nauseous after a while.  Again it was many years before I could stomach eating it again.  My husband hates the smell of microwave popcorn, and eating too much of it at work made me pack on the pounds a few years ago, so the only time I have it now is home-made on the stove, with a small amount of real melted butter on top, which is a real treat.

As adults we know “moderation” is the key: it is okay to eat these “bad” foods every once in a while and enjoy where it takes us without guilt.

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