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{March 24, 2017}   Random Acts of Creativity

Birch Dog

I’ve been meaning to write on this topic for a while, so on this cloudy gloomy vacation day, I decided writing this might cheer me up. There is nothing that gives me more joy than coming across something unique or random off the beaten track. Seeing the blob of blue water or the tree icon on my GPS sends me down roads I might never go down otherwise, and very often I see something interesting. It might be something I see in someone’s yard (I don’t trespass, I use my zoom) or it could be something someone leaves deep in the woods perhaps to say, “I was here” in a more creative way than adding another rock to a tower of rocks. It could range from graffiti (which is not always bad) to a broken or lost item; as long as it is not complete trash, I am happy with it. It gets my photographic juices going and also sparks my imagination.

Graffiti, love

“Good” Graffiti


Long after Christmas is over I still smile when I come across ornaments in the woods.


Tree Ornament in the Woods


And much as I love trees, I admit I am fascinated by carved-up ones.

tree face

Tree Face


And what is this broken horse’s head about?

ceramic horse head

Horse Head


Guess I’ll never know…



{February 3, 2014}   Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

My mother just gave me this “object” full of objects. 🙂

Egg Carton

Okay, you say…it’s an egg carton.

We opened it and this is what we saw.

Old Jewelry

The egg box was used as a way to keep my grandmother’s jewelry together and fairly organized. Newspaper was stuffed in the top to protect it. My grandmother died in 2001, across the country; my mother must have packed it up this way for the drive back to MA (she doesn’t like to fly).

When we found it, she didn’t comment on it or tell me a story; she saw it as a bunch of junk jewelry. To me it’s vintage, to her it is dated. As I was supposed to get my grandmother’s jewelry, she gave it to me.

I examined them all. Some I can’t picture wearing, but there were a couple of pairs of earrings I thought were pretty (in an old fashioned way) and a couple of interesting pins. (I don’t have a macro len so it was very difficult to try to take the small things clearly so forgive me for the blurriness.)

I wore the little bowling pin the other day because I thought it was neat. My friend sent me the name and web site of a local woman who takes old jewelry and creates new pieces out it. I’m thinking that’s what I’ll do with most of the rest.

It’s fun to wear a piece of the past. People make art out of such things. A woman I know makes jewelry out of old china: you can check out her work here.

et cetera
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