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{July 9, 2015}   A Mystery Solved…

Where have I been? That will remain a mystery for a bit longer. 🙂 Right now, I just want to share a story.

I passed the little blue cape on the edge of the pond every day on my way to work. I had seen people clearing the yard, building steps and doing other fix-up tasks and registered it in a very distracted way. People working on their homes and in the yard is a pretty normal occurence.

Then one day I noticed that a wooden “screen” was being set up between that house and its neighbor. Hmm…wonder what that’s about? They don’t want to look at each other?

Then a “stage” was being built. Hmm…maybe they are going to have a party. Oooh…I don’t think the neighbors will like that!

Flowers appeared on the stage, and a lot of white chairs were set up. It was starting to look rather pretty…I’ve got it! They must be having a wedding there. Must be this weekend.

But the weekend came and went and everything was still set up. They haven’t had that wedding yet? Then came the containers…and a clue.

Buddha Peace Project

Poster on Container

When I started seeing the cars pulled over and people taking pictures, my curiosity became overwhelming. I mentioned it to someone at work and she sent me this link to a story in the local paper.

Well…I knew I had to stop…and that this would be my first blog after my “disappearance.” (I had started another one…but it was a little dark…not the best one to post after being lights out for a while.)

So I stopped on the way to work, took photos…and contemplated. With everything that is happening in the U.S. and the world…a moment contemplating peace with a beautiful jade buddha feels like a moment well-spent. You can read about the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace here.

And to think it was visiting my little town, in the yard of a little blue cape…you just never know.

Jade Buddha for Universal Peace

Jade Buddha



Sgt. Dan Vasselian just lost his life in Afghanistan; he is returning to his hometown today. Having just moved to the small town of Abington a few months ago, I do not know this young man, but I am extremely impressed and moved by the show of love, respect and support I am seeing here.

I went for a very cold walk this morning. The funeral home is just down the street from me, and some roads are closed and will be closed off and on for the next few days as the wake and funeral take place. I had noticed the flags and yellow ribbons interspersed with Christmas decorations in the neighborhood the last couple of days and I wanted to take some pictures. Usually flags are displayed in the summertime so this struck me as an interesting photo opportunity. So I brought my camera this morning with the intention of taking pictures of the decorations, but I saw so much more. I’m sure there will many (better) photos of this event; I saw others with cameras on my walk, including news reporters, but I really wanted to share these (virtually unedited) photos.

I have to go to work shortly so I don’t have time for a long post, but I thought the photos would speak for themselves. Bless you Sargeant Vasselian.

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