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{January 16, 2010}   A Convert to Kettle Corn

The first time I experienced what is now popularly known as “kettle corn” was in the 70’s. My much-older brother was married to a woman from Newmarket in England. She said she ate her popcorn with sugar. At the time, I just couldn’t imagine it. I spent my childhood eating wonderfully greasy, buttery popcorn made in an old popcorn popper that plugged in, blackened and “seasoned” like an old frying pan. She made some with sugar for me, and I thought, “Not bad,” but I didn’t all of sudden start making my popcorn that way. Then came the air popping phase and air poppers. I didn’t like that at all…so healthy, but boring. The popcorn tasted chewy and stale to me. Next came microwave popcorn, which I liked despite its sometimes chemically taste, but my husband said the smell of it gave him a migraine. I bought a crank popcorn popper and went back to making popcorn in oil. Then I would melt butter and pour it over the top. There was no substitute…until I started adding sugar to the butter and salt. I made a BIG bowl last night while my husband and I watched a movie. We both licked our sweet and salty sticky fingers and said there was nothing better. I’m converted.

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