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This is the original text of my “About” page:

I have been keeping journals for over 35 years (my closet is bursting with notebooks). Although I was originally an art major in college (my father’s choice), I graduated with a BA and MA in English (my CRAZY choice). Some poems were published back in the 1990’s (the only time I got up the courage and/or time to send some out), but I have spent most of my career editing technical materials. I love many things: food, books, animals, gardening, music…This blog is unfocused because I am; I will be a student of the world forever.

P.S. I can’t believe that I have kept up this blog for over three years, though I still don’t have a year’s worth of posts! But I keep plugging when I have the time and inspiration. You can check out my other blog if you are interested: It is mostly photographs, so I post more often. If you are interested in the story behind my gravatar, you can read about it there.


And who am I now???

It is now almost 4 years since I started this blog, and I STILL don’t have a year’s worth of posts. But I’m enjoying myself and I’m not going to stop…if that counts as success, I have it in spades.

If you are looking for someone who posts every day, or is trying to tell you how to “succeed” as a blogger or make your blog into a way of earning a living, you have definitely come to the wrong place! I’m just someone enjoying the rest of my life, the ups and downs, and hoping that I have something to offer to others: inspiration, a laugh, a kindred spirit, a good book, or a good story. It has taken me a while, but I have figured out this is my life’s purpose: to bring people together, to be their launching pad to success, the connector of seemingly unlikely people, God’s tinker toy piece. I may never be famous or successful, but a lot of small acts add up to a great life. My dad proved that to me.

But if you are interested in getting to know me, like that I share my human-ness with you, enjoy a good story and sometimes some good writing, jump on board. I welcome you as a companion on the journey of the rest of my life.


all material on this blog is copyrighted by Susan Merrifield Desrocher, unless otherwise indicated.



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I am writing a memior about my days at Uncle Sam’s, nantasket. I see you like to write. Did you gi there to watch the bands much like the Atlantic’s berlin airlift stompers Cafferty etc? If so will you contact me to discuss.



sued51 says:


Awesome! I saw a lot of bands there…I have some pictures from those times…I will email you!


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