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{September 30, 2015}   A Wednesday Poem

shadows on windows

On and On

Life has been insistently busy the last few months and I all but abandoned my writing. This morning I pulled out my poetry notebook to jot down a couple of lines that came to me as I drove to the laundrymat, and I found this poem. Appropriately it’s Wednesday. So I thought I would share it. Never mind Mondays, can you tell I don’t like Wednesdays??


It’s Wednesday,

my week’s nemesis,

work’s dullest day.

It stretches like a desert

of time, the afternoon

especially dry and arid.

How to prepare for the journey?

What to bring,

not too heavy that

drags me to the ground

in the moisture-sucking air,

but keeps my parched brain

from cracking and splitting,

and able to savor

the respite when it is over?

copyright Susan Desrocher 2015

Deb says:

Think of Wednesdays as the start of the transformation towards the weekend maybe that will help! I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, if you choose to accept it here’s the link

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Hah – never minded Wednesday. we call it “hump day” – because once you’ve finished it you’re over the hump on your way to the weekend. have you heard of that?

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sued51 says:

Of course…I guess it is a little like that time in the afternoon…3:00…

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