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{August 13, 2015}   Of Buttons and Badges

buttons, badges

Button collection

The sorting, selling, and throwing out continues as I attempt to downsize.

I found this last week: my button collection (or badge collection as my British friend Brian would say). I made this guitar-shaped “pillow” to hang on the wall and display them back in my music-is-life days. I made one for my friend Jane too. (You can read about our favorite bands back in the 80s here.)

My first job out of college was as a receptionist at a law firm. It was a take-whatever-job-you-can-get time (just like the present). I dressed up in skirts and blazers for my job, but my “rebellion” of sorts (or personal life spillage) was that I always wore a music button. Conservative dress would just be Elvis Costello’s face in black and white rather than the more colorful ones. Our law firm wasn’t one with visitors coming in and out; we represented mostly companies and businesses. The office was one big room with rows of desks where lawyers and secretaries sat together like schoolchildren.

No one there commented about my buttons…except the secretary who sat behind me. She dressed in the latest fashions, wore lots of makeup and dripped with jewelry…and sarcasm. One day I wore a turquoise velour v-necked shirt and wore my hair up. The lawyer she worked for came in and said, “Well look at you…you look almost beautiful today!” To which she replied, “I wouldn’t go THAT far!”  When I left that job she said, “Let me give you a piece of advice…grow up and stop wearing those buttons!” Naturally I just laughed…I was only 22 after all.

I didn’t heed her advice and continued to wear them. I continued to call them buttons until the fateful day when wearing them led to my meeting my British friend Brian. And I met him thanks to a button, a Lloyd Cole and the Commotions button to be exact. My friend Julie and I went on a tour group trip to London; Brian worked for the tour company. As we went to ask him a question, it took only a moment for him to spy my button…er, badge, as I soon learned. We started talking about music and found that we liked a lot of the same bands. Julie and I ended up going out to some clubs with him during that trip and met some friends of his that played in British bands. Over the years he sent me tapes and continued to introduce me to new bands, and became a friend.

All because of a badge. So glad I didn’t listen to Ms. Fashionable’s advice!

And the wonderful point (of a button, a badge, of whatever we wear and how we wear it) is to BE OURSELVES and to heck with what anyone else (like that snippy stuck-up secretary) says.
On the other hand, good luck with the down-sizing. :-0

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Nice memories! (and buttons too 🙂 Or do I mean badges?)

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Sonel says:

I love your buttons/badges. In my early days they were also very popular and lots of people used to wear them. Latest fashions, lots of make-up and jewellery doesn’t make you beautiful. I never liked women like that. Ugh! They look like dressed-up dolls. I love the natural look and you can believe that your buttons made you look special. They were your signature and I think that lady knew it and she was jealous. 😀

Great post Sued. Enjoy the down-sizing. 😀

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Deb says:

Wow I listened to WAAF during my teen years…huh small world!! Fun post, glad you didn’t listen to Ms. Fashionable either!! 🙂

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sued51 says:

Thanks for your comment and follow, Deb! I’ll come and visit you soon! 🙂

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Deb says:

It’s funny how something sparks memories from the past. Last night after reading your post I thought of so many things. I grew up in Marlboro, I worked at Data General in Southboro and after work we used to go this a place called the Red Barn in Westboro. They always had events sponsored by WAAF…thanks for the memories…;-) Yes please stop on by when you have a moment! Enjoy your weekend…

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