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{January 27, 2015}   Photography: A Life Skill?

I recently attended a beginning digital photography class through a Photography Meetup Group. I felt so fortunate: the instructor was an experienced photographer and the class was well-prepared, and helpful…and it was only $5.00! I met some nice people and chatted a little.

I processed the experience in my mind as I drove home. It struck me that many of the people I talked to at the class were not hoping or aspiring to become photographers. They had their own individual reasons for coming that involved unique ways of using photography skills.

One woman was an elementary school teacher. She talked about using her own photos to teach her children about nature. I told her about a photography walk I had taken at an Audubon Bird Sanctuary, when I had the opportunity to observe and photograph a hawk capturing and devouring a mouse (yes, I know it sounds gross), and she understood why I felt excited and lucky about that. She said, “Wow! I would have loved to have been there and got those pictures! I would use them to teach my kids about nature.”


One of my less “gross” hawk pictures…

A woman sitting behind me was a graphic designer. I overheard her tell the instructor that she wanted to learn to take good photos to use in her designs so she didn’t have to pay for other people’s pictures. She thought it was a way to save money and improve her work.

Yet another woman was a crafter who taught knitting classes. She looked at this as just another “craft” or artistic outlet in her repetoire, and part of living a creative life.

I have written before about the relationship between my photography hobby and my writing. It now feels like an essential element of my personality and life and also a way to expand my “vision” in my writing. I think learning to observe the details through taking photos will improve my poetry and my ability to focus.

iphones have become everybody’s way of documenting their lives on social media. Can anyone image a life without digital photographs now?

So…do you think photography has become an important life skill?

I think so. It’s essential to most marketing.


sued51 says:

True, Justina. And marketing makes us or breaks us these days. 🙂

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Agreed. Marketing is the reason I started my blog. I need to get my writing out there so I can get my career going.


Nicely explained!
And yes, definitely know the feel where words sometimes seem to make more sense when there’s a photograph to assist you. 🙂


soonie2 says:

Photography really does change the way you look at the world! Great post, Sue and I’m so happy you are getting into this!

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sued51 says:

Susan, it is transforming me and my life. Thank you for your part in that! 🙂


Jo Bryant says:

It is lovely to hear how this is falling in to place for you Sue.

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sued51 says:

Thanks Jo…good to hear from you…I hope you are doing well.


jakesprinter says:

Great Hawk captured Sued 🙂

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I have aWays loved photos and taking photos. I studied a lot of photography, though it was 35ml, I. High school, college and thru my career as a journalist. Sadly, I have not gotten the hang of good digital photography, just what my iPhone catches.

I like your article because it is another verification that we are all on our own paths as we pursue our interests, xo LMA

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conniemichelle says:

I love to take pictures. I have never took a class for it. My passion is clouds. I have always said that God is the greatest artist there is. I look forward to seeing all your pictures.


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