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{May 19, 2014}   Virtual Blog Tour

My current morning pages notebook

My current morning pages notebook

My friend and incredible photographer, Susan Licht, recently invited me to take part in a virtual blog tour. I first “met” Susan by discovering her beautiful blog and then discovered we had a mutual friend on Facebook! (Despite the massive size of the Internet, it’s still a small world!) We have many interests in common including literature, gardening, music, nature and photography. We could have met each other years ago through our mutual friend, and sometimes I wish we had.

So…my thanks to Susan for asking me to be part of this blog tour and involving me in this slightly different way of learning about other bloggers’ creative processes, of finding some new blogs recommended by people I respect, and of being able to introduce some of the bloggers I enjoy and give them a little extra support.

The “work” part of this blog tour involves answering the following questions about your creative process, so here goes:

1) What am I working on?

Too many things! Recently I had been trying to send out some of my poetry to publications. The last time I had poems “officially” published was in the 90s, though I do support a local poets community and go to open mike events. Although I publish some poems on this blog, I “keep” what I consider the best ones, seeking a more prestigious home for them than my blog. 🙂 I will probably end up self-publishing…sending work out seems to be too much like a dating service. I have also joined some photography groups, hoping for an inexpensive way to learn Photoshop. I take pictures almost every day for Last Train to QVille, though I don’t post every day. I tend to walk in the same area so it is a challenge to find new ways of looking at the same scenery.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Anyone who reads positive self-development blogs and books has probably read over and over that we are all unique. I still struggle with the answer to that question. The easy answer is that I was an only girl growing up amongst 6 boys! But beyond that I suppose part of my uniqueness is that I am interested in so many unrelated things…I have held a lot of different jobs in my life: from working at a movie theater (doing everything from selling tickets to popping corn and cleaning the theater) to working in offices. I worked in the garden dept at Home Depot; I’ve been an usher supervisor for concert venues, a legal secretary, an editor, and now I am working in the wine industry and as a part-time hostess at a restaurant…totally unrelated things. This translates into meeting people from all walks of life, which is a great thing for someone who likes to write.

3) Why do I write/create what i do?

Well, bottom line is that I love to create and I live to create. When I’m not creating, I’m miserable. My creativity most often takes the form of  poems because I have been expressing my feelings that way for over 35 years and it is second nature to me. It is an integral part of the way I process my life and connect with others. And I love beauty and nature, so I take pictures to capture and remember moments in time and the beauty I see daily.

4) How does my creative process work?

I have many different notebooks that I jot down ideas in. I journal every day. I read other people’s blogs and see which directions their work sends me. I write about whatever strikes me on any given day.

NOW comes the best part of this post: my recommendations for other blogs to check out. Another reflection of my eclectic job history and interests, the blogs I read regularly are very different, but all great.

Louisa May Alcatt takes her name from the author of Little Women; her “pub” writes interesting posts about women in history at her blog: Suffragette kitty

Peter S, former ad man chronicles his life as a stay-at-home dad through the antics and eyes of his son, Mr. C.

Queenie, as her name might suggest, is from the U.K., a former dance teacher with a bucket list, a camera and a good sense of humor.

Not sure if any of them will be following through on this tour, though. 😦  I know it is a time commitment that we can’t all manage.

Finally, I’m adding this on my own, one of the bloggers I wanted to recommend had participated in a blog tour right before I could ask her! So I’m throwing in a link to her post for good measure. Meet Beeblu!

Happy reading everyone!

Queenie says:

Well thanks so much for including me in this virtual blog tour! And such kind words!
It was really interesting reading yours because you and me have quite a lot in common, I too am the only girl with 5 older brothers, and we have both had many different roles in our lives so far, and of cause we are both very creative and are miserable if not being.
I like the questions because they are a little bit more in depth than some question things I have been invited to participate in.
Take care x


sued51 says:

I look forward to reading yours next week, Queenie! Thanks for agreeing to give this a go! 🙂


Jo Bryant says:

I tried to leave a comment yesterday…no way would it work. I love that you love and live to create, and may you do it forevermore


sued51 says:

Thanks, Jo, I hope I can! 🙂


sued51 says:

😀 Thanks, Jo. I liked it, but my kitties didn’t (the whistles and tweets made them hide under the bed…LOL!)


bluebee says:

It is great to read something of you, Sue. Love your eclectic job history – life is infinitely more interesting doing many different things. And thank you for including me in your tour – much appreciated. 🙂 Write on!


sued51 says:

Thanks for your comment and visit, BB…you are always welcome! 🙂


So enjoyed reading about you – your upbringing with all those brothers (that’s a load of poems/stories right there!), your work history, your love for creativity (I use the same notebook for my writing inspirations). I have known Susan Licht for a long time – lucky me. Her husband was our best man oh so many years ago. Although we live on different coasts, I enjoy admiring her photography close up. Yes, the wide world can be so wonderfully small at times.


sued51 says:

Pamela, Thanks for your comment.
I’m so glad I found you through Susan and Louisa May Alcatt. I look forward to getting to know you through our blogs and Facebook.
And you are right…the only girl thing has definitely been a theme in a lot of poems! 🙂


soonie2 says:

Wow, I really enjoyed learning more about you, Sue! So strange to think that we could have met years ago at a bar in Cambridge, listening to the Trademarks! Thank you for that very generous intro and for taking part in this project. I’m thinking that someday, you, Louisa May, Pamela and Shirley Lemay (Shirley Behind the Lens) should all get together as we all have connections to Massachusetts!


sued51 says:

That would be great Susan! I’m glad to have met Pamela and I will definitely sign up for Shirley’s blog as well. Hope you had a nice mini-vaca/celebration. 🙂


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