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{February 18, 2014}   It’s That Day…

flags buried in snowThat winter day when I wake up and say, “Enough!”

It’s supposed to snow AGAIN today. Not much, just a couple of inches this time, but the amount doesn’t matter anymore…it is just that feeling of:


It’s like I have come up against a WALL of snow and I just sat down in it. Snow has smothered and buried all my ambition and imagination like these flags…

Okay, that seems like an awful lot of DRAMA for you people who aren’t putting up with it…but really, it has stopped me from going out and walking (I’m afraid of slipping on the ice, which I already did  luckily without injury, on the way to the dumpster). So…no new photographs. So, what to post? Here’s one from last year…a bunny taken through the window.

bunny in snow

I went digging through my old notebooks and poems looking for something to post. Ah…here’s a rough draft poem from last year I wrote after taking this photo…hmmm, same time…February. Maybe it is just…


I can’t think –

Storms one after another

Have bent the trees to their limit,

Bent my emotions to extremes,

Debris is everywhere.

Top branches clutched in the grip

Of ground snow

When they should be reaching for the sky.

It’s not the time for clean up and release,

There’s another storm coming.

It’s only important to clear a path,

Back-breaking and spirit-breaking as it is,

There needs to be visible hope

Of an exit,

A true escape route.

My thoughts of spring hunker down

Like the bunnies…

Though I saw one

Brave one, huddled amongst

A grounded treetop, desperately nibbling

at the buds it shouldn’t have been able to eat,

desperate times

desperate measures.

But the calendar whispers

Time change ahead,

Spring clean up to come.

Be strong, be ready.

for a minute I thought of sharks!


sued51 says:

Yes, I guess they do resemble fins…LOL! Not very dangerous though…


Peter S says:

Yes, user it marked on the calendar:
‘Snow Crazy Day’


Queenie says:

You’re snowy there, we are flooded here! Roll on dry, sunny days x


sued51 says:

Yes, my friend just got back from the UK…and across my country in California, there is drought! Global warming…fact or fiction???


we noticed that the photos of snow drifts we took last year look exactly like the photos of snow drifts we took this year, xo, LMA


sued51 says:

Yes, they do!!


Amy says:

Sorry to hear more snow…. maybe this is the last one for this year.


sued51 says:

It was a lovely weekend…birds singing, in the 50s…it’s going to get cold again, but the taste of spring was delicious!


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