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{December 5, 2013}   A Real “Happy” Birthday…

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Growing old is no more than a bad habit which a busy man has no time to form.

Andre Maurois

I’ve always dreaded birthdays because I used to use them as yardsticks for my life. I had EXPECTATIONS for what I should have accomplished by a certain age. No more.

When I think back to childish thinking, 55 was OLD!  The expectation back then was that 55 was retirement age; work accomplishments were over. But it is a totally different world now; many people don’t retire at all. It just so happened for me that I don’t really have a “career” anymore, but I’m not retired; I will likely work until I can’t anymore, but that’s a good thing! What else is good about it? I can get discounts in some places!

Seriously, I feel physically strong and I’m looking forward to the creative things I will do with the rest of my life. Today is just another beginning!

We turn, not older with years, but newer every day.

Emily Dickinson

I’m with you, Emily!

rommel says:

Happy Birthday! I used to think that way too. Probably because my parents were about that age. As for me, I can only count up to 29 so I won’t be adding more years after that. Ahihihihi😀


sued51 says:

Good idea, Rommel…29 is great age…:-)


Pat says:

Happy birthday to you. It excites me that you are enjoying your 50’s. I found my 50th decade to be the best of my life – I was confident, happy, strong, and at the top of my game. It sounds like you are feeling the same.


sued51 says:

I’m feeling strong…that’s the best gift anyone can have.🙂


Happy Birthday, dear…. Thats not true that 55 is a lot. Im a weird one, but not even as a teenager or a kid have i ever thought any age was OLD. I guess i just never had this attitude.
Today is just another beginning, as you say, and i wish you all the luck in this journey!


sued51 says:

That’s a great attitude to have, Chatty…YOU will never be old!😀


We both never will!🙂


Excellent! and Happy Birthday to you🙂


Herman says:

Happy Birthday! I’m going to hit 55 next year…


sued51 says:

Herman…I hope you feel as good as I do!


Peter S says:

Peter Wolf and Iggy Pop are in their sixties, and still rockin. 55 is not even close to old. Happy Birthday!


Mike says:

Felicitations, birthday and seasonal greetings – many excuses for a party😀


Jo Bryant says:

Hey 55 is the best !!! I should know.😉
Hope you had [sorry I am late to the party] day !!!!


sued51 says:

Thanks, Jo! You know the most fashionable people are always late!🙂


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